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Sora is the reading and listening app used for ebooks and audiobooks, from OverDrive and BCE. With Sora, students and staff can access, directly, a large collection of ebooks and audiobooks for independent, self-directed, or teacher-assigned reading. Look through the collections - for Primary School and Secondary School students.

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Stuck at home? Need something fun to do? Check out these websites for Makerspace STEAM projects. Challenge your friends!

You could even make your own Padlet of resources/webpages/images/anything to share with friends or family!

These Databases are special collections of information - e.g. articles, chapters of books, pictures and diagrams, which you can search using keywords.  You can print or save your findings.   No need to log in unless indicated.

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The Premiers' Reading Challenge 2021 is a self-paced reading challenge to encourage students to read 15 books in 15 weeks! Students from Years 7 - 9 have signed up.   They all started reading on May 11th, 2020 and finish on 27th August.

Students choose their own reading matter - novels, non-fiction, graphic novels or picture books and kept a record of what they read.   As long as they've reached 15 they have succeeded in the Challenge!

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